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Text Books – All students

Hello all,

we are a long way past the deadline for acquiring text books. Anyone with an issue needs to see Mr Haggerty or Mrs Rust-Ashford by the end of September.


Bonus Lunchtime Sessions

Hello all,

as the term gets into gear, we are really happy to tell you about extra support we are offering!

On Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes a member of staff will be around to help students who need to resit tests or improve on essay drafts.

Dr Bayley and Mr Haggerty are really happy to offer these times and look forward to working with you. Don’t forget to come to us with any issues you might have!

Bon appetit!

Stars of the Week Beginning 21 September: Issy Morris and Robbie Evans

Two more superb role models!

Issy carefully read the feed back on an essay and put in a massive amount of time, energy and effort to produce a top-quality second draft – great effort Issy!

Robbie’s effort in class has been tremendous – highly focused and curious. If he is evenly slightly unsure about something he will ask, and he attempts to answer teacher questions even if they are puzzling. This shows that Robbie really understands effective learning – the best learners because they are constantly thinking, wuestioning and trying to put ideas into a form they understand.

Well done you two – keep it going!

Year 12 Component 1: Chemotherapy

Hello all,

here is a  really helpful powerpoint on how the biological approach treats people with psychological problems such as schizophrenia, depression and anxiety.

Please make Cornell notes up to slide 12 before the following lessons :

12A : Monday 28th September Period 5

12B : Monday 28th September Period 3

Chemotherapy 2015 New Spec (AS, LB and PPH)

Dont forget to make a note of any questions you might have.


Year 12 Component 2: Validity and Reliability

Hello all,

Here is an essential worksheet and back-up powerpoint on an absolutely crucial topic in psychology. These resources need to be printed, filed and read before the following lessons :

12A for Tuesday 29 September

12B for Thursday 1st October

Be ready to discuss what you have read, and write down any questions you have.


Reliability and Validity (PPH new spec 2015)


Reliability and validity worksheet (New Spec 2015)

Evaluation Booster From Dr Bayley

Critical Thinking Practice (posted by Dr Bayley)
Watch the film ‘The Gamechangers’ (BBCiplayer – dramas and soaps): it is about the battle behind the game ‘Grand Theft Auto’. With respect to aggressive behaviour, compare and contrast an explanation that appears in the film to Milgram’s explanation that is based on obedience. This is not homework to be handed in and marked, it is an activity in critical thinking to fit in when you have time.

Year 12 Component 1: Biological Explanations of Relationship Formation – Mate Selection

Hello all,

I am posting two Prezis below. we will use some of the material in class, but you may be interested in the full study, which aims to explain the reasons males and females use for choosing a partner.

Buss Part 1 (The First 7 1/2  Minutes is essential)

Buss Part 2 (The First 9  Minutes is essential)

This is a massive and very important study – it will make you think very differently about how people behave at parties…