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Year 12 Biological Approach – amazing videos

Hello all,

here are are a couple of fascinating BBC programmes on our Biological approach topic, specially selected by Dr Bayley:

Michael Mosley uses the BBC archives to chart scientists’ progress as they probed the mind of the murderer to try to understand why people kill, and whether it can help prevent it:

Professor Robert Plomin talks to Jim Al-Khalili about what makes some people smarter than others and why he’s fed up with the genetics of intelligence being ignored:


Year 13 Research Methods Review Materials Week Beginning 2nd November

Hello all,

Next week we will be reviewing the  topics below. You should  have most of this material from Year 12, but if not, please print it off and review it before the relevant lesson!  We can save a lot of time if we work together properly on this!

Reliablity and Validity

Reliability and Validity (PPH 2014)

Reliability and validity worksheet (NM)

Experimental Methods

Introduction to Experiments (PPH) 2011-12

Field and Natural Experiments Worksheet (NM) 2011-12

Lab Experiments Worksheet (NM-PPH) 2012-13


Observations 2011 (NM)

Observations Worksheet 2011(NM)




Year 12 Group 12A: Ethical Issues task for Tuesday 20th October

Hello all,

To be sure that you will have a clear understanding ready for the assessed task on Wednesday (see the schedule) I have posted below  a handout and powerpoint for you to have done by Tuesday period 5. Bring any questions raised to that lesson!



Ethics in Research(PPH) 2015


Ethical issues Worksheet (NM-PH 2015)


Year 12 Group A Ethics of Neuroscience Presentation – Important Information

Hello all,

This post is very important, especially for the lovely students who missed out on Wednesday’s lesson due to peer mentor training.

  1. Make sure you have a copy of the powerpoint and the worksheet
  2. Make contact with your group to get yourselves organised
  3. The presentations will be done in class on Tuesday 20th October. The lesson on Monday 19th is for finishing off your presentations and practising.

Groups and Topic

Virginia, Chloe and Megan – Understanding Consciousness

Lauren, Colin and Rachel – Treating Criminal Behaviour

Robbie and Elisa – Enhancing Neurological Function

Peter Jess and Lauryn – Improving Marketing Techniques