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Year 12A&B Psychology

Please print off the following resources for next week.

Case studies 2011 worksheet (NM)



All Students – Revised Research Methods Glossary!

Helo all,

here is an improved version of the Glossary!

Year 12 – Print off and fill in the blanks with FULL TWO-MARk Definitions, then LEARN THEM !

Year 13 — Print off and use for revision, or two improve on last year’s version!

Glossary of Terms – PPH 2015


Year 13 Students PY4 – Levels of Consciousness

Hello all,

to make up for lessons we have missed recently, it is vital that all groups arrive at their first lesson with me (Mr Haggerty) armed with Cornell notes on the first 39  slides on sleep that we started looking at this week.

13A and 13C for Tuesday 1st December

13D for Wednesday 2nd December

Make sure you get a good night’s sleep before I see you!

Year 13 PY3 New Topic! Levels of Consciousness ! Am I dreaming?!

Hello all,

some really exciting material this week, I’m really looking forward to it!

Please use the powerpoint below plus the text book pages 148 and 154 to answer questions 1-3 on the worksheet Before the relevant lesson;

13C – For Tuesday 24th November

13A and 13D – For Wednesday 25th November


sleep with pictures (LRA-pph) 2015


sleep worksheet (LRA) 2012