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Research Methods Revision Material for Both Year 12 and Year 13

Hello all,

Dr Bayley has produced these sheets to help you review Crucial topics – enjoy!

RM – GKB hypothesis

RM -GKB Variables



Year 12 psychology work for Tuesday 23/02 period 3

Hello class,

Sorry I’m not in today. Can you make sure you complete this work in today’s lesson. We’re continuing work from yesterday on strengths and weaknesses. You need to read through the weaknesses and choose 2. Using the essay plan I gave you yesterday make notes on your 2 weaknesses. Complete the A4 table in your handout. Once finished turn over a page in your exercise books and complete the revision task for evaluation.

Home learning on conditioning also needs to be handed in by this Thursday. Thanks,

Mrs Carter

Big Quiz – Final Results!

Well done to everyone who gave this quiz a go!

We’ve been really impressed by the effort  students put in to this lunch-time  activity, and we know that it will serve them well in the PPEs next week, and beyond to the summer exams. FOUREEN students will be receiving prizes in different categories. I have only included people who made the minimum of 3 lunchtime appearances

Top Scorers – Team A ( Shannon, Shaun, Ryan and Becky)
Second Top Scorers –  Team H (Morgan, Harriet, Harry, Ben and Sophie)

Top 4 Individual Scores:  Shannon, Shaun, Ryan and Harry

Top 5 attenders: Scott, Samantha, Brandon, Jessica and Rachel Coward.

The presentation will be made at 1.30 on Wednesday 24th February in C1.

Any thoughts on how we could improve the competition for next year would be very welcome.

Congratulations to all who really tried – you won’t regret it!


Hello all,

With PPE week coming up on 29th February, many people at last night’s parents’ evening were looking for some guidance, so LISTEN CAREFULLY:

Component 1 (1st March)

This exam will cover the Biological, Positive and Behavioural Approaches, and will be in the exact form of your summer exam, in other words 105 minutes long.

There are some good practice questions in the text book, bit the 3 documents below cover a much bigger range for you to practice on. Always be thinking around a minute per mark, and don’t forget to review your drafts.

Behaviourist approach practice exam questions

Biological approach practice exam questions

positive approach practice exam questions


Component 2 (3rd March)

This exam will cover Research Methods, Milgram and Kohlberg.

There are two good practice questions in the textbook p172-4 and Doctor Bayley will be posting more on here soon.

Work hard (as I know you have been) and don’t forget to rest a bit too!