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Year 13 Essay Writing Guidelines

Hello all,

I have seen most of you individually for essay writing workshops. The document below is a guide to how you should approach revision for essay questions. If you have any queries come and see me, but as you will see, practice is the key! Don’t forget I will mark anything you need feedback on.

Keep up the great efforts you have shown all year!

Year 13 Essay strategy


Year 12 Revision Material – Practice Questions for all approaches

Hello all,

I hope you enjoyed Easter and are recovering from the chocolate!

Here are practice questions for all 5 approaches – you may have some already  from an earlier post. Make sure you practise as much as you can and AGAINST THE CLOCK! Don’t forget you need to keep up your glossary work too.

cognitive approach practice exam questions

Psychodynamic approach practice exam questions

Behaviourist approach practice exam questions

Biological approach practice exam questions

positive approach practice exam questions

Don’t forget – I’m happy to mark anything you need feedback on.

See you soon!

Mr Haggerty

Year 12 Cognitive Approach – Classic Evidence: Loftus and Palmer (1974)

Hello all

here is a fascinating study on Eye-witness Testimony. Please read and complete the first two pages of the handout (NB This involves reading page 3 too!).

12A – Please complete before Mr Haggerty’s Lesson on Tuesday 22nd March
12B – Please complete before Dr Bayley’s lesson on Thursday 24th March


loftus and palmer


loftus and palmer

Year 12 Assessment tasks week beginning 14 March 2016

Hello all,

In order for us to get back in sync with the assessment schedule we need to do two tasks this week.

A reminder that you should be preparing a draft response to the following 2 questions

1. ‘Apply your knowledge of the cognitive approach to explain romantic relationships (10 marks)’.

2. Describe the “influences of childhood experiences” and one other assumption of the psychodynamic approach

Bring your draft of each piece with you to attach to the actual essay when you hand it in. The essay will be done in class under timed conditions.

12A  Mr Haggerty this is scheduled for Wednesday  16th March.

12B  Dr Bayley this is scheduled for Thursday 17th March.

To make marking easier, can you do each question on a separate sheet of paper.

Thanks a lot

Mr haggerty