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Welcome to our new Year 12 (September 16) Induction Task 3

Hello all,

I hope you enjoyed your induction lesson and are looking forward to success in August and starting Psychology in September!

Here is your 3rd induction task – please print it off and complete the research BEFORE your first lesson in September. This is your way of showing us that you are serious about following a two-year A level course, so make sure that you arrive at your first lesson with 3 Induction tasks completed in a way that shows your MAXIMUM EFFORT. It is effort that we value most in Psychology, so come along ready to try hard and together we will achieve great things!

induction-task-3-blog-2014 (1)

We are looking forward to working with you in September!

Mr  Haggerty


Year 12 Personal Investigation 2 – Gender and Food Choice

Hello all,

I hope you’re enjoying the practical psychology we’re doing, and feeling glad you understand research methods so well! I’ve been really impressed with the effort you’ve put in to the reaction-time task.

Here is the second Personal Investigation Booklet – you will all need to print this and bring it to your lesson on July 4th.

How does gender affect food choices


Gender differences in food choice background

A very tasty choice of topic enjoy!



Year 12 Personal Investigations

Welcome back!

I hope you enjoyed the exam experience – we now move on to something even more exciting –  proper Psychological research!

Here is a digital copy of the investigation into Age and Reaction Time

how does age affect reaction time (2)

and a copy of the Spearman’s Calculation Sheet

Spearman’ Rho Calculation PI1

and here is the timetable till the end of term

Summer project scheme

Also, check out this free app if you are still looking for an experiment: Psych Lab 101


Year 13 Exam Practice Monday 13th June 9.00am in C1 !

Hello all

Well done on all your  hard work over the last couple of years – the end is clearly in sight!

Can I just say what a joy it has been for us to work with you over this course, and I hope you will keep in touch with us when you are of doing great things in the future!

Just a reminder about Monday – come ready to do a “walking-talking” mock where you will do a paper under exam conditions with a bit of support on timing and other small details.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Mr Haggerty