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Year 13B Amber Sampson and Peter Honeyman – work for 6th of October

Hello you two,

sorry to miss you today (Friday 30th September). I am unfortunately away on Wednesday the 5th of October, so have given your colleagues the following work to do:

  1. Using Page 138-9 of the textbook write 4 evaluation (AO3) paragraphs to answer the question “Acute stress does not have to be damaging to health”.
  2. Draw a diagram of the body’s response to chronic stressors (p 140)
  3. Cornell notes on : The General Adaptation Syndrome; Cortisol; Effects on Memory; Effects on health.
  4. Cornell notes on p141 making special note of any queries you may have.

Make sure you ask your friends or Mrs Rust-Ashford if you have any queries about this work

Year 12 – Incredibly useful glossary!

Hello all,

here is a blank glossary of key terms. Your job is to fill the blanks with 2 marks definitions – so each box should contain at least two sentences of explanations. Giving examples would also help. I recommend word processing the document so you don’t find yourself limited for space. You first target is two fill in five  boxes containing terms relevant to the experimental method by our next lesson together.




Mr Haggerty