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13 A – Resources for Criminal Behaviour from Mrs Rust Ashford

Hello all,

Here are the resources you need for the “Modifying Criminal Behaviour ” section


Ways of Modifying Criminal Behaviour


Modifying Criminal Behaviour Peer Teaching lessons (1)



Year 12 Parents Evening Information

Hello, Mr Haggerty here.

Because Social science is such a popular department it is not going to be possible to see all parents at both evenings. I have allocated Year 13 places first in order to prepare them for their final exams in June.  I have also made appointments with some students in 12C – I will see the rest after Easter.

In 12D I need to see Rihanna and Georgia on Thursday – can you come and make appointments with me please? If any other parents need to see me urgently, can you let me know?

Keep up the good work everyone!

Thanks a lot

Mr Haggerty

13B Timed Essay in class on Friday 31st March


Hello all – here is the essay title for Friday. Don’t forget to do a draft against the clock!

 Restorative justice has been criticised for being an easy option for the criminal. Applying your knowledge and understanding of restorative justice and at least one other method of modifying criminal behaviour, discuss how far you agree with this criticism. [15 marks total,  5 AO2 + 10 AO3]  20 minutes is available.