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Year 13 Kohlberg research – useful for Sexism and Culture bias topics.

Kohlberg Powerpoint – detailed


Resources and important information for 13B for Wednesday 19th April

Hello All,
welcome back to the final lap of your Sixth Form journey!

It has been a privilege to work with you over the last two years and watch you grow and develop as students and people. To guarantee your success, all we need to do is to maintain your level of effort and focus to the end of the exam period.

First – for reasons I will explain on Wednesday – I have had to move your timed essay to Thursday this week (Period 5 on  20th April). The title is:

“It is crucial for psychology to be scientific” Discuss this statement using your knowledge and understanding of psychological research. ( 25 marks – ie 10 marks AO2 and 15 marks AO3) DRAFT AGAINST THE CLOCK CRUCIAL!

Here are the resources you will need for this week

Handout – Print and complete page 1 before class on Wednesday 19th 


science vs ethics costs

Other Useful Stuff

Ethical Costs versus ScientificBenefits summary sheet


ethics summary


Ways of Dealing with Ethical Issues in Psychological

See you soon!


Mr Haggerty