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Big Quiz Results – Final Scores – Team E emerge victorious! Jess takes Individual prize!

Hello all,

after a real battle and much serious effort, the results are as follows:

Winners : Team E 12.7 Mean Score

Runners Up Team F – 11.5 Mean Score

Third Team B – 10.3 Mean Score

Fourth Team D – 10.2 Mean Score

Fifth Team A – 11.5 Mean Score

Sixth Team C – 6.5 Mean Score

Top 6  Total Scores: Jess 47, Jacob 45, Stephen 43, Matthew 39, Megan 35, Ollie 33

Attended at Least 2 Rounds:  Gabi, Molly (S), Robbie, Bobo, Callum, Leon,

Well done everyone – awards will be made in class!

Keep up the great EFFORT!

The Big Quiz moves again! Apologies everyone…. new date – 18th May

Hello all,

I’m really sorry about this, but the Freshers Fayre for year 11 takes place on the afternoon of the 11th May, so it would be difficult for Year 12 students to support this and attend the quiz. So, I have postponed the final round of the quiz to next week – Thursday 18th May,  at 1.15.

Apologies again…

See you soon,

Mr Haggerty

Great News! (and vital cover work for Mr Haggerty for 8th March)

Hello all,

I’m pleased to say I’m feeling a lot better and intend to be in School on Thursday the 9th March. So, to make sure things go smoothly, can all groups ensure that they have completed all the tasks I have set since half-term and that each student has carefully noted any questions or queries they may have.

My Year 13 groups should use lessons on Wednesday 8th March to sure that everything set is complete. (In other words – no excuses!)

Can’t wait to see you all on Thursday – I’ve missed you a lot!

Mr Haggerty

Cover Work for Mr Haggerty for Friday 3rd March

Sorry all,

I’m still not well enough to be in on Friday, but hope to see you all next week.

13B Periods 1 and 5

Cornell Notes on Textbook p95-96

12D Periods 3 & 4

Tw Crucial tasks below – make sure to note any questions or queries you have for your next contacy with a teacher.

  1.  print off the following handout and compleet using the textbook (p54-5) and the Powerpoint below




2. Make Cornell Notes evaluating Systematic Desensitisation for Effectiveness and Ethical Issues  (p55)

This work must be complete before you see Miss Perkins next – anything unfinished in class needs to be done at home.

Apologies once again,

See you soon

Mr Haggerty