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Urgent Exam practice for 12C – Thursday 15th June

Hello all,

As I explained today I can’t be with you on Thursday, so here are the practice questions I promised:

Attempt two questions minimum,
Purple pen your answers
Leave the work on my desk
Work in C1 for the double period and use your time wisely!

  1. Evaluate the methodology and procedures of Myers and Diener (1995) [10 Marks] 13 Minutes
  2. Evaluate one strength and one weakness of the cognitive approach [4+4 marks] 11 minutes
  3. Compare and contrast the behaviourist and biological approaches using the psychological debates. [12 marks]  16 minutes

I am around on Friday if you need me.


Mr Haggerty

12D Important Information!

Hi class,

The vital PPEs are coming up and your Psychology exam is on Monday 26th.

For you to be ready you need to move up your revision into top gear. So to help, I will be doing a folder check on Monday 12th June, when we will also discuss your revision needs for the exam. For this to be useful, you will also need to complete the the checklist for Component 1 and the 2 checklists for Component 2.

So for Monday 12th of June you will arrive at the lesson with:

  1. a completely organised folder (full of hard copies for me to check – I will not accept chrome book copies)
  2.  Three checklists completed which highlight which topics need the most attention.

You know how important these PPEs are, so I’m sure you will arrive on Monday with all of this complete – keep up the great effort!

Come and see me if you need any help or advice.

See you soon!