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Star of the week beginning 16th October – Bobo Letlalo!

What a fantastic term Bobo has had – he’s listened carefully to feedback and consistently used it to improve his next piece of work. As well as this he focuses superbly in class and always asks questions when he is unsure about something.

Superb effort Bobo – copy him everyone!


Star of the Week – Becky Terry!

Hello all,

You have all made a pretty good start to the course and I’m really looking forward to working with the whole group, but our first star of the week is Becky who showed a very special type of effort this week – EVERY time she was not 100% clear, she asked a question to make sure she understood what was happening.

Great start Becky – well done!

Year 12 – Textbook information

Hello all,

Here are the details of the textbook you need. Please note that you need it by 15th September. It’s available at Amazon and other bookstores or if you know anyone who finished in Summer, they ¬†might offer you a good deal!

Also, don’t forget that i you have family financial issues, let me know and we can see what kind of support the department can give.

NB it’s a Blue Book!

textbook letter Psychology 2017