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Induction Task 3 for students hoping to study Psychology in September.

Welcome to the blog!

You will be spending a lot of time here, so it’s good to get started early!

Here is task 3, and as you can see from our strapline (“Where effort rules”) what we value most is the effort you put into your work, so make sure you try your hardest on all the induction tasks!

Task 3 is asking you to do a small experiment, so make sure you follow the instructions on the sheet. We will be doing a fair amount of practical work in Psychology, so it’s important that you know what to expect from the start.

Needless to say, you must bring a fully written-up experiment to your first lesson in September, so get it done as early as possible to make it top quality. I look forward to reading your report – past students have come up with some brilliant ideas!

Induction Task 3

induction-task-3-blog-2014 (1)



Below is a letter  about the textbook you will need for September. Secondhand copies may be available from Year 13 Psychology leavers.

textbook letter Psychology 2017

I look forward to working with you in September!

Mr Haggerty

12C – Essential printing for Thursday 8th June

Hello  all,

here is the worksheet you need to help you evaluate the Cognitive approach.

I have also added a link to a summary evaluation table and the powerpoint we will use in class.

To make sure we get off to a flying start this week please make sure you have printed off and  COMPLETED the first page of the essential handout.

Essential handout

cognitive evaluation

Support material

Class Powerpoint

cognitive eval

Summary evaluation table

Approaches evaluation table


See you Thursday!

Welcome Back! URGENT for 12C!

Hello all,

I hope you all had a lovely week’s break. As you know, the vital PPEs are coming up and your Psychology exam is on Monday 26th.

For you to be ready you need to move up your revision into top gear. So to help, I will be doing a folder check on Friday 9th of June, when we will also discuss your revision needs for the exam. For this to be useful, you will also need to complete the the checklist for Component 1 and the 2 checklists for Component 2 which I have shared with you on Google drive.

So for Friday 9th of June you will arrive at the lesson with:

  1. a completely organised folder (full of hard copies for me to check – I will not accept chrome book copies)
  2.  Three checklists completed which highlight which topics need the most attention.

You know how important these PPEs are, so I’m sure you will arrive on Friday with all of this complete – keep up the great effort!

Come and see me if you need any help or advice.

See you soon!


Mr Haggerty

URGENT information for Class 12D

Hello all,

due to a disappointing level of attendance on Friday 26th May, a number of you will have missed a really important topic that is very likely to appear in your crucial PPE next month. I have shared two documents and a powerpoint with you, and you need to be up to date by Monday 5th June and show your completed work to Miss Perkins. Here are your tasks:

  1. Using the powerpoint and the textbook, complete P1-3 of the handout on Mindfulness therapy.
  2. Cornell notes on Textbook p92-3 using the following headings:

a) Link to assumptions of Positive approach
b)Main components of Mindfulness therapy
c)Evaluation: Effectiveness
d) Ethical Issues

This is very urgent indeed – I will need to have a follow-up discussion with anyone who does not produce all of this work ( at best possible quality) to Miss Perkins on 5th June

See you soon


Mr Haggerty

Big Quiz Results – Final Scores – Team E emerge victorious! Jess takes Individual prize!

Hello all,

after a real battle and much serious effort, the results are as follows:

Winners : Team E 12.7 Mean Score

Runners Up Team F – 11.5 Mean Score

Third Team B – 10.3 Mean Score

Fourth Team D – 10.2 Mean Score

Fifth Team A – 11.5 Mean Score

Sixth Team C – 6.5 Mean Score

Top 6  Total Scores: Jess 47, Jacob 45, Stephen 43, Matthew 39, Megan 35, Ollie 33

Attended at Least 2 Rounds:  Gabi, Molly (S), Robbie, Bobo, Callum, Leon,

Well done everyone – awards will be made in class!

Keep up the great EFFORT!

The Big Quiz moves again! Apologies everyone…. new date – 18th May

Hello all,

I’m really sorry about this, but the Freshers Fayre for year 11 takes place on the afternoon of the 11th May, so it would be difficult for Year 12 students to support this and attend the quiz. So, I have postponed the final round of the quiz to next week – Thursday 18th May,  at 1.15.

Apologies again…

See you soon,

Mr Haggerty