Yr 13 Neuromarketing websites

Hello all

here are a couple of sites that could be useful for the neuroscience debate


15 Examples of neuromarketing





Year 12 The Scientific Method

Psychology takes a very scientific approach to studying behaviour and it is important that you have a very clear idea of how science works. This first video tells us a bit about the history of science (good for general knowledge and pub quizzes) but you should make Cornell notes from 5.00 minutes on, and be ready to ask questions in class.


Star of the Week – Becky Terry!

Hello all,

You have all made a pretty good start to the course and I’m really looking forward to working with the whole group, but our first star of the week is Becky who showed a very special type of effort this week – EVERY time she was not 100% clear, she asked a question to make sure she understood what was happening.

Great start Becky – well done!